Fuzzy Membership FAQs

Everything you need to know about Fuzzy Pet Health, our team and our memberships.

Fuzzy Memberships

About Fuzzy

Who are your veterinarians? How do you select them?

Fuzzy hand picks veterinarians using a rigorous screening process. We look at criteria such as educational background, training (all veterinarians are licensed), and pet-side manner. All Fuzzy veterinarians go through a comprehensive on-boarding program to promote delivery of Fuzzy’s exemplary standard of care. We also recruit veterinarians that have demonstrated an interest and passion for empowering pet parents.

Can I request the same veterinarian every time?

You may always request a specific veterinarian and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee you’ll see the same vet for every visit. All of our vets are kept fully up to date with each of our pets’ medical records, characteristics and preferences, as well as a history of all Fuzzy visits and recommendations. This way they all have the same knowledge of your pets’ needs – and yours too!

Why are Fuzzy’s in-home services offered under a “membership” model?

You can think of the membership as more of a payment plan – it breaks up the costs of care across 12 months. Because you pay the same amount every month, a membership model allows us to provide ongoing care and do what’s best for the pet, not what makes Fuzzy the most money.  We believe providing care only under a traditional a la carte pricing model incentivizes traditional clinics to deliver more medicine rather than better medicine.

How is Fuzzy different from traditional veterinary practices?

Besides delivering care in-home and offering remote access to our veterinarians, Fuzzy focuses on preventative and wellness care. This means that in a way, we’re a veterinary practice that doesn’t want you to go to the vet. Of course we will provide medical care whenever your pet needs it, but we like to prevent illnesses, not just cure them.  Also, a big part of what we do is focused on the pet parent – we empower you with training and content to help you make the best health decisions for your pets.

What areas does Fuzzy currently service?

Fuzzy currently services San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Oakland, Daly City, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, Marin and Walnut Creek. We’re expanding quickly so stay tuned if we’re not yet in your area.


Is there a contract or term length for a Fuzzy membership?

Our Fuzzy Wellness and Plus memberships are 12-month commitments. You can always cancel, of course, you would be responsible for covering the remaining portion of your membership.

What is included in the monthly membership fee?

All plans give members access to Fuzzy’s telemedicine app, through which members can chat with veterinarians directly whenever anything comes up, or just to ask questions or share concerns. All plans also include an annual supply of top-brand flea, tick and heartworm preventive medications, as well as core vaccines.  Included diagnostics for both plans are heartworm and fecal testing every six months (FIV / FeLV for cats). We will also microchip and register all members.

The Fuzzy Wellness plan includes 2 wellness in-home checkups, while the Plus plan includes 4 (you can always schedule additional visits for a fee). Because the Plus plan is designed for older pets (or those with chronic conditions), the Plus plan also include a blood panel every 6 months and a cold laser therapy package.

What brands of preventive medications do you include in your membership?

We typically work with each pet and their pet parent to determine the best preventives for them. Our preferred medication for dogs is Simparica since it’s the most effective against fleas & 5 types of ticks. For heartworm, we prescribe Tri-heart.  For cats, we go with Revolution to prevent fleas, heartworm, ear mites, and intestinal parasites.  If you prefer something like Nexgard, Heartgard, Trifexis, Comfortis, Cheristin or Bravecto please let us know – we include those too when preferred. Not sure about preventive meds and what they do? Read this.

What vaccines are included in the membership?

We include all core vaccines. This means that for dogs we include the puppy series, parvo, lepto, bordetella, DHPP and DAPP.  For cats, we use the PureVax brand and include the kitten series, rabies, and FVRCP. Also, because we administer these vaccines in the comfort of your home, you do NOT have to pay for extra visits or boosters – they’re all included. We also offer other vaccines (such as canine flu, lyme, rattlesnake) upon request!

How do I schedule an a la carte service?

As a Fuzzy member, you can schedule an a la carte visit by calling, emailing or chatting our team in the Fuzzy app.

Is Fuzzy the same as, or covered by pet insurance?

Fuzzy does not replace pet insurance – in fact, the two of them compliment each other. We’ll cover you for preventive and minor care, and pet insurance kicks in primarily in case of emergencies. Coverage dependent upon your particular insurance plan. A Fuzzy membership may be covered up to 80-90% with a policy that includes coverage for preventive and wellness care. Providers like Embrace, PetsBest and the ASPCA are a few that offer reimbursement for the services Fuzzy provides. HealthyPaws covers a la carte services, but not the wellness portion of Fuzzy. Please consult with your provider!

Are prescriptions included?

Additional prescriptions through the Fuzzy pharmacy are not included in the monthly membership fee. Because we run our own pharmacy, however, we tend to be able to offer prescriptions at lower rates relative to clinics. They are shipped directly to you. With the Plus plan members get 15% off all prescriptions.

Do you offer multi-pet discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% off per pet discount for households with more than one dog and/or cat.

Risk-free trial

What’s included in the risk-free trial?

The risk-free trial is an opportunity to experience Fuzzy’s vet care with no strings attached. It includes an in-home check up and 7-day access to our telemedicine app. The in-home checkup is a full nose-to-tail exam, nail trimming, as well as ear flushing. Our vet team will go over a detailed diet, dental and behavioral assessment.  It’s a chance for you and your pet(s) to meet our vet team, and for you to ask any questions about your pet’s health or Fuzzy.

Why do you require a credit card if the trial is technically “free”?

We ask for a credit (or debit) card to be able to reserve your appointment and time on our vet teams’ schedule. The reality is that without asking for card, most people schedule visits and then cancel or don’t show up! We place a pre-authorization hold for $39 per pet when you schedule a risk-free trial check up – we do NOT charge it until you decide to become an active member.  If you wish to cancel your trial during the 7-day trialing period, the pre-authorization is released, and the funds are reflected in your account in ~5 business days.

Can I become a member during the risk-free check up?

Yes, you may activate your membership during the risk-free check-up to begin receiving benefits like vaccines, preventative meds, etc.

How do I cancel a free trial?

Please call, email (help@yourfuzzy.com) or chat with us on our site or the app to cancel your trial. You must cancel your trial within the 7-day trialling period, otherwise your membership will automatically activate after 7 days. We will send you text reminders though!

FUZZY Medical care

Do you provide dental care?

Since dental work typically requires general anesthesia, we cannot perform dental cleanings in-home. However, we coach pet parents on how to clean their pets’ teeth in-home. We also routinely recommend different products that help keep your pet’s dental hygiene up to par.

What do I do in the case of a medical emergency?

In the case of a medical emergency, you would first contact us through the app (that’s the fastest way to get a hold of our vets). They will determine whether the case can be handled in-home. If it is something that cannot be handled in-home our we will refer you to the most trusted clinic/hospital in your area and send over the medical records. We make sure to follow up to check in on your pet, answer any questions you have and give you tips on helping your pet at home in the recovery process. Here is a list of emergency care facilities we usually recommend.

What other kinds of medical services can not be done in-home?

We cannot perform X-rays, ultrasounds, and extensive diagnostic testing outside of blood/chemistry/thyroid panels, urinalysis, cytologies and FNA’s.